Our Yoga Teachers & Wellness Partners

Wellness Partners

Grassroots Yoga is committed to keeping our community well in body, mind, and spirit. Yoga requires attention and care in many different areas of our lives that take place both on and off the mat. Check out our incredible team ready to help you achieve optimum wellness.

All Access Grassroots Pass holders receive one complimentary 20 minute consultation or mini session from one of our wellness partners as part of their membership benefits, and 10% off any private one-on-one session package with most of our wellness team. To book your 20 minute consultation, please email us at hello@grassrootsyogaventura.com!


Nutritional Therapy, Meal Planning Services, Supplement Counseling, Trauma Rehabilitation, Somatic Healing for Mental Health, Movement Therapy, Women’s Health


Mobility & Movement, Injury Prevention and Education, Bio-mechanical Frequency Healing, Cupping Therapy, Posture Analysis and Treatment


Chiropractic Care, Spinal Misalignment Treatment


Acupuncture, Fire Cupping, Traditional Chinese Medicine/Herbal Supplement Treatment, Somatic Healing, Women’s Reproductive Care


Nutritional Therapy, Diet Counseling and Education, Meal Planning Services

“I was so messed up after shoulder surgery;  loss of flexibility, strength and coordination. But I wanted to get back into my yoga practice and I knew that going to regular class was not going to be productive and possibly develop bad habits to compensate. So, I sought the recommendation of a private wellness partner that had the RIGHT training and experience dealing with injuries and recovery. April’s expertise is unlike any other and quickly pinpointed my weakness, bad yoga habits and taught me to SLOW down and do things right. Her knowledge of the muscles and body movement, made it easy for her to pinpoint the issues and develop the right recovery and strengthening exercises to get me back on the yoga mat. I recovered quicker and stronger, along with greatly improving my yoga practice. Also, when I am on my road bike, I remember her wise teachings: ‘roll those shoulders back and down!’; ‘use your Ujjayyi breath’. Just these two reminders have improved my riding skills.”

– Marcelino S. On Injury Recovery and Prevention with April Geary

“I have been working with Rebekha for a number of years and it has been an absolutely life-changing experience! Her ability to navigate myself through past traumas and old and dated patterns has been nothing short of a revelation for me! She has a very calm and nurturing demeanor which has been invaluable to me feeling safe in my journeys with her. I feel very blessed and fortunate to be working with Rebekha, it has been a true gift!”

– Jim K. on Trauma Rehabilitation with Rebekha Wolf

“I love Grassroots Yoga! I started last year, no yoga experience but that didn’t matter. The facility and staff make everything easy and amazing. I jumped right in and wanted to learn poses and philosophies very quickly. They have staff that assists privately. I was lucky and found April, I did private sessions with her. She is amazing, she is extremely knowledgeable and has a great teaching passion. She made it easy and hard at the same time, teaching and testing you. She makes it fun and you can tell how much she loves what she does. I was honored that she shared her knowledge and experience with me. All the instructors at Grassroots are passionate and knowing you can learn privately is an added bonus. I love the place and the people!”

– Gino M. on Movement & Mobility Therapy with April Geary

“I am so grateful to Rebekha for her physical and mental support in my healing journey. As the stresses of life accumulated her yoga therapy, group led nutritional cleanse and emotional support has helped me grow stronger and more balanced on multiple levels so I am better able to be of service to myself and others. Thank you Rebekha and the entire Grassroots community.”

– Kelley M. on Movement Therapy, Somatic Healing for Mental Health, Nutritional Therapy and Meal Planning Services with Rebekha Wolf