Class Descriptions

We’ve designed our classes and teaching team specifically around the intention of meeting you where ever you are on your mat. No prior yoga, fitness, or spirituality practice is required to join the #grassrootsyogafam. We offer classes that range from traditional to contemporary approaches, beginner to seasoned levels, and styles that range from gentle and meditative to high intensity and athletic.

Derived from Ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga synchronizes the breath with movement, creating internal heat, sweat, and detoxification of the muscles and organs. The fluid like transitions between poses create a flow from one pose to the another, developing strength, stamina, flexibility, and inner awareness.

Most of our flow classes are heated and kept between 90-95 degrees. For more information on our heated classes check out our FAQ page.

GENTLE FLOW – unheated

Easy does it! Gentle Flow is a nurturing, slow-paced, and well-supported practice. Our Gentle Flow classes include carefully controlled movements, extra mindfulness, and mellow music. Postures are approached in gradual steps, with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition so that the practice is simple, yet stimulating as you gently work the body’s range of motion. These classes are limited in size and the temperature of the room is carefully monitored and controlled. This class is perfect for those that need more movement than Yinfusion, but not as much as 101 Flow.

101 FLOW – heated
In numerology, the number 101 signifies the beginning of a spiritual journey and infinite potential. 101 Flow focuses on the basic postures found in a Power Flow sequence, fundamental breathing techniques, crucial alignment, and simple yoga philosophy. Teachers are always prepared to meet the levels in the class by offering modifications, assists, and enhancements. This class is energetic and chock full of information. Our 101 teachers love to answer questions!

POWER FLOW – heated
Power Flow is a faster paced, high energy, strength centered practice that targets the whole body and emphasizes one breath per movement. More challenging variations of poses are introduced with appropriate modifications along the way to help you find your edge. Prepare to sweat, move, and have fun! If you are brand new to yoga, we highly encourage you to explore a 101 Flow class before attending Power Flow.

FIT FLOW – heated
Fit Flow adds a unique element of concentration to powerful pranayama (breath work) and mindful movements to your vinyasa practice. This invigorating class offers innovative sequencing, mantra wisdom, and poses that awaken and strengthen the entire core. Discover empowerment in your warrior flow as you sweat, fortify, and charge your day with positive energy.

DEEP FLOW – heated
Go deeper into your practice with Deep Flow. This class is based on highly sophisticated and creative sequencing, focusing on the energetic body as it relates to our physical body. It incorporates various aspects of philosophy and vinyasa styles, inviting you to hold poses longer as you foster more fluidity and creativity in your practice.

PRANA FLOW – heated
Prana Flow is a life-realization, embodiment practice and global collective based on the roots of yoga, evolutionary pathways, the art and science of flow. Discover wellness tools for your inner vitality and sacred earth through artistic movement, breath work, and chanting. Build the strength of your practice with movement lead by your breath, and spending time with each pose long enough to fully experience all of it’s inherent elements. 

FASCIA FLOW – heated
Myofascial release is the rolling out of muscle tissue, to increase the length and strength of that muscle group. Fascia Flow is designed to work the body systematically, targeting the major joints and muscle groups through specific release techniques and myofacia tools. By opening those “stuck” areas, you will discover more spaciousness and freedom in your flow.

RISE & VIBE – heated
Our signature Saturday morning class to kick off your weekend! Rise & Vibe is a dynamic, high energy, extra sweaty and upbeat Power Flow class that emphasizes the importance of letting loose and having fun as a community. Expect to rise to your potential and vibe to good beats in this extra special 90 minute practice.

Sacred Sundays offer 90 minutes of deeper insight into the lunar & seasonal aspects surrounding us, and how we can apply those qualities to our practice. This Prana Flow class will provide you with an opportunity to fully embody the essence of the peak asana (pose) and leave you feeling clean, clear, and ready for the week ahead. We always invite you to bring sacred offerings for our community altar at the studio, but Sundays are when it really shines! Feel free to offer anything that you personally connect with or would like to share with the community. You are welcome to leave your offering, or take it home with you any time you wish. 

YINFUSION – unheated
This class invites you to slow down and create more space in your mind, body, and soul through stillness and introspect. Designed to cultivate deep inner awareness, Yinfusion draws our attention to areas in our body that we most often hold tension, then consciously releasing and letting go. End your day in complete relaxation as you are guided through your poses by candlelight, soothing music, aromatherapy, and yoga philosophy.

FLOAT – unheated
Float away into deep relaxation in this guided meditation practice. Lead by our team of Float instructors, experience something unique each week with reiki, guided imagery, breathing techniques, mantras and mala bead work, chakra clearing, sound healing, yoga nidra, new/full moon intention setting, aromatherapy, crystal healing, and chanting. Gain self discovery tools that help bring focus, clarity, peace & presence to your life. Feel free to use our selection of props or bring your own meditation cushion. Due to the nature of the practice, late arrivals will not be admitted.

SOUL SYMPHONY – unheated

Raise your vibration in Soul Symphony! Since ancient times, sound healing has been used to stimulate the healing of our body, mind, and soul by facilitating a shift in our brainwave state through a variety of sound therapy instruments. The Soul Symphony experience is about letting the sound guide your soul into to a relaxed state of consciousness. This delightfully refreshing hour is helpful for anyone who wants to give their busy lives a pause.

If you need assistance finding the right class for you, please email us at or give us a call at 805.628.3676. We love to help!