Elin G. 

If I could give this place all the stars in the night sky I would. This place has been a retreat for my weary and hungry soul, and a reprieve from so many negative thoughts and emotions that I have been carrying for far too long.

I happened upon this place during the middle of an anxiety/panic/whatever attack because I liked the descriptions of the classes. I wasn’t looking for a supercharged yoga workout (though they provide that as well), I was looking for a space to recharge my heart and soul, and guidance to really start my practice. I really believe the universe heard my call, gave me an easy answer, and said “Here you go dear heart, now go do the work.”

Having struggled with addiction for years, I’m finally working towards becoming sober. The teachers gently guide you through poses, adjust your body where needed and take you to lots of different edges: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, all of ’em! I’ve had a lot of breakthrough moments during practice and have cried more than a few times. They are tears of joy, tears of release, tears of gratitude, that I found this studio, that I have this body to do this work and that I am showing up.

“Yoga is the study of balance, and balance is the aim of all living creatures; it is our home.” Rolf Gates

If you’re looking for a yoga home, I could not recommend Grassroots enough. See you on the mat!

Paige E.

Grassroots is the most amazing hot yoga studio! Every class I take, regardless of who is teaching, offers a variety of poses and challenges. Every instructor adds their own uniqueness to their classes and I find myself looking forward to ALL of them!

Rachael K.

I have attended yoga studios intermittently for years. I’ve long felt drawn to the practice, but like the Goldilocks of yoga, I never found a studio that felt quite right. Until now. Grassroots feels like home. And my impression is that it feels that way to a wildly diverse group of people, which is awe inspiring. The studio is beautiful, clean, and comfortable. But far more importantly, the instructors are brilliant, kind, and full of love and passion. I’ve attended Yinfusion, Prana Flow, 101 Flow, Sacred Sunday, and Rise & Vibe classes. They are distinct, but even as a beginner, I have felt welcome in each and have learned an amazing amount in just over a month. I am so excited to continue to establish a practice.

Terri F.

I love this space!  Grassroots Yoga studio is so welcoming and inviting.  Sarah really made it feel like hOMe and you can tell she left her heart all over the studio.  Everyone gets greeted when they walk in the door which is important to me.  If you’re going to see me 2-4 times a week, you should know my name and me know yours.  The teachers are some of the best in Ventura and give you the freedom to challenge yourself with their support, or to back off when you just aren’t feeling it that day. There’s no judging, only encouraging.  Love, love, love.

Cara C.

I love Grassroots! The staff are always smiling, helpful and friendly. I have been to several of their classes including 101 Flow, Prana Flow, Deep Flow and Power Flow. All the instructors are happy to have yogis of any stage in their class and are super helpful if you aren’t used to a sequence or pose. The place is always super clean which is an extra plus!

Lori K.

I practiced at Grassroots Yoga while visiting Ventura County from Washington DC. I was missing my hOMe studio and needed a practice desperately. From the moment I entered the studio, my shoulders and face began to relax. I was greeted with a sincere welcome. My instructor introduced herself personally, and I experienced more than a physical asana practice. I experienced a moving meditation. Thank you for allowing me to sweat, flow and practice with you, Grassroots, and thank you for making me feel so at hOMe. Namaste.

Amelia F.

I absolutely LOVE Grassroots Yoga. Sarah and staff have created a truly beautiful space that adds so much positive energy to the Ventura community. The physical space is beautiful, inviting and clean. I love the retail items in the lobby- perfect for gift giving. The yoga studio itself is a zen, healing space that promotes wellness, health, introspection and kindness- to ourselves and to our community. The teachers all bring their unique, creative energy and style. Every class is different, but I always leave feeling energized and relaxed, and having had a great workout. I have taken yoga for over 15 years, at a variety of yoga studios. And Grassroots is by FAR the best yoga studio I have ever been a part of. Bravo to Sarah and her wonderful teachers.

Kelley M.

Thank you so much to all the staff at Grassroots for providing such a kind, open, supportive environment to get a great physical, mental and spiritual workout! It is the best yoga studio I’ve been to. I know many people who drive up to 30 minutes to come here even though there are many other yoga studios closer. The staff is always helpful and genuinely nice. It is very clean and has a great locker room to shower after a nice sweaty class. They have amazing workshops to further your exploration and events to support the community. I can’t thank them enough for truly embodying yoga and creating a beautiful community.

Angelina S.

I don’t have enough words to say how much I love Grassroots yoga! The studio is beautiful and always so clean and welcoming. The retail space has great offerings-the only problem is not buying everything! The wide range of teachers offer something unique to each class they offer and no matter what kind of yoga you are looking for, Grassroots has a class and teacher for you. The workshops also offer great ways to learn about their aspects of yoga and wellness that compliment the weekly classes.

This studio is not intimidating nor does it feel pretentious or cliquey-which I know some people worry about when entering a studio for the first time. The staff, owner, and students are kind and positive. One of my favorite things about the studio is it’s commitment to the community-whether it’s hosting a fundraiser or the fact that they donate 5% of earnings to an awesome local non-profit. Ventura is lucky to have Grassroots!

Dave D.

Hands down the best yoga in all of Ventura. I came to Grassroots after a hiatus from another local yoga studio. Due to travel I was not able to attend on a regular basis. Six months ago I decided I needed to get back into my yoga practice. During the business travel, I put on a few extra pounds. Within that six months, I attended class just about every day. lost over 40 pounds and feel like I am ten years younger. What I like about Grassroots is everyone leaves their egos at the door. As a 48 year old guy, I like that there are a lot of other guys that are from all different walks of life. There are law enforcement officers, firefighters, constriction workers, business men and all other kinds of professions. If you have thought about yoga, I highly recommend it and if you are looking for the best studio Grassroots is number one on my list.