Full Moon Wellness Retreat with Sarah Ingram & Rebekha Wolf

September 29th – October 4th, 2020

Mahalo Maui: Full Moon Wellness Retreat

September 29th – October 4th, 2020

Maui, Hawai’i – Wailea Inn

Grassroots Yoga invites you to celebrate gratitude on their Mahalo Maui Full Moon Wellness Retreat! Experience pure bliss and peace of mind through sacred wellness techniques, including daily yoga, meditation, nourishing wholesome meals, and a full moon cacao ceremony. A personal transformation magnified by the magical island of Maui!

Step into your true self while honoring life’s beauty. Your hale (home) for the stay is the Wailea Inn, a luxury private estate located across the street from two of Maui’s best beaches for surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and snorkeling! Time no longer exists on the island of Maui, meaning you can focus solely on rejuvenation and living with the rhythm of the universe.

Mahalo is the concept of gratitude and respect, a fundamental component of Hawaiian culture for far longer than the origin of the word. It is used to express every day thankfulness, as well as a deeply-felt appreciation. The word is rooted in a wider, deeper gratitude for the world around you. Mahalo will be an influential theme within your Maui immersion. You will even have the opportunity to practice gratitude in action on the island by volunteering with our non-profit partner, RAKlife!

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Autumnal Equinox and the power of practicing with the full moon

On October first, the first full moon since the Autumnal Equinox, you will channel the mana (energy) of this magical moment, taking time to reflect and journal about what you are harvesting. Through consciously linking our awareness to Mother Earth’s cycles, we will deepen our understanding of our own cycles. 

The ebb and flow of the moon influences the mind, body and heart (seat of the soul). We see it by observing the tides of the ocean. This is a time to draw from the lunar qualities of reflection, intuition, introspection, femininity, receptivity, and illumination, shifting our meditation into the intuitive and subconscious parts of ourselves. 

This day will be a day of detoxification and intermittent fasting. We will treat our bodies to cleansing nourishing foods in the morning, a sunset moonrise cacao ceremony, mahalo meditation, gong bath, and chanting/singing. As an Integrative tool of empowerment, fasting and detoxification allows us to go inward and feed our soul. Providing an opportunity for connection and reset, offering many healthful benefits. Strengthening your integration with our sacred cacao ceremony as a result. Cacao ceremonies are a medicinal healing practice for the mind, body, and spirit. Cacao increases the energetic field of our hearts, only to be amplified when joining together. By ceremoniously drinking cacao as a group, the collective energy shifts to the same vibration. It is a time to find clarity and inspiration for where you are in your life.

By combining these practices with the added bonus of sending our technology into hibernation, you will experience 24 hours of freedom. Absolute Samadhi (yogi bliss).

“Ahuwale ka po’okela i kau hana ia ha’i.”

(It is through the way you serve others that your greatness will be felt).

-Hawaiian Proverb

Mystical, Magical, Maui

You are 100 steps from caramel-colored sand and sapphire blue seas. There are dolphins dancing in the distance, while the carapace of honu (green sea turtles) glisten amongst the rocks— you have found paradise. In September the daytime high averages within the 80s F, and at night a dip into the 70s F. Hawaii’s most pleasant ocean temperatures are at this time of year. The island air and salty sea brings out a special glow in those it touches. There is an undeniable magic in the air.

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The perfect day

It started with an ocean sunrise meditation. A gentle yoga flow on lush grass. The birds sang as you floated into bird of paradise.

You will forever hold onto that moment, when your breath and mindful movements aligned with the nature surrounding you.

You are now lounging on the warm sand at Cove Beach, the condensation of a finely crafted beverage made of local ingredients cools your palm.

You dream of starting every day in this fashion, but retreat to basking in your gratefulness of this present moment.

Afternoons are for you. Explore the island, join a group hike, relax on the lanai (balcony, patio), or in the private villa’s pool.

Wander back down to the beach for some stand up paddle boarding or snorkeling with brightly colored butterfly fish and turtles.

A farmer’s market, shops, cafes, grocery stores, and beachside running path are all within casual walking distance.

Nourishing, healthy meals will be whipped up daily by our private chef. Enjoy ono grindz (delicious food), with the tropical flavor of the island.

“The loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean.”  -Mark Twain

Haleakalā Volcano Sunrise & The Road to Hana

Start your day with an experience unlike any other as Haleakalā National Park awakens with a bright, beautiful sunrise to reveal breathtaking views over Maui’s volcanic crater. The Haleakalā National Park Sunrise tour is the #1 rated tour experience on Maui and is an adventure not to be missed.

Be present in the process. The act of getting to Hana is all part of the experience. As a group we will depart as the sun rises for a privately guided tour to remote Hana. Travel a serpentine rain forest road, known to be one of the most spectacular journeys of a lifetime. Your eyes will widen as you soak in the scenes of rich jungles giving way to rugged shorelines, sea arches, black lava, and cascading waterfalls. With 59 bridges and 620 turns, this heavenly road is an adventure you cannot miss out on! 

*full-day trip to Hana is included for active Grassroots Yoga auto-pay members, and is an optional add-on for non-members. Haleakala Volcano Sunrise Tour is an optional add-on for all guests.

What’s included in your wellness retreat

Wellness Retreat Program + Luxury Private Villa 

Alluring accommodations at our private villa with beach access, breath-taking views of the land and the sea, all-levels yoga, meditations, gong baths, ceremonies, and wellness classes, thoughtfully curated group programming.

Authentic Hawai’i Adventures and Exploration

Lean into the magic of Maui as we explore the island and immerse ourselves into the culture. We will attend a classic luau, hike the Waihee Ridge forest trail, play on the north shore in the historical plantation village of Paia and enjoy lunch together at Flatbread Company. Dive in and go snorkeling or SUP at your leisure. A full-day trip to Hana is included for Grassroots Yoga auto-pay members, optional add-on for non-members, see optional add-ons for details.

Delicious, Nutritious, Locally-sourced Meals 

Private chef-prepared healthful breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with island inspired hand-crafted beverages daily when on-site. Our chef will make your taste buds dance with tropical flavors and delicious treats.

Everything You Need To Retreat 

Complimentary travel concierge at your service for any extras during the retreat, all yoga equipment; mats, blocks, bolsters, and straps for use on site (no need to pack), beach chairs, snorkels, stand up paddle boards, local guides and more. All you need to do is get yourself here! We want to give you the freedom to explore this beautiful island on your own before or after the retreat.

GY Gives Back island volunteer event with our non-profit partner RAKlife

This retreat is all about gratitude, and there’s no better way to practice gratitude than to give back! Be of service at the GY Gives Back volunteer event with our non-profit partner, RAK Life, who will lead us in spreading kindness by giving back to the people of Maui!

Your Fearless Leaders

  • Sarah Ingram
    Sarah Ingram Maui Fanatic, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Grassroots Yoga, Mahalo Maui Co-leader

    When I opened Grassroots Yoga, I wanted to build a sanctuary for those in our community. A place where they could escape their busy lives and get from us what they need whether it be a peaceful and relaxing class with sound healing, or a sweaty, strength based, high energy class with rockin music. I also wanted to provide a way for our little Grassroots family to give back to the community, which we do through our 5% give back program. I’m excited to take that vision and mission and translate it in to retreats where we can learn, grow, and give back together across the globe with our non-profit partner RAKlife!

    Sarah’s favorite yoga styles to teach are power, and yin. Her love for a powerful vinyasa class started over a decade ago where upon her first heated class she finally felt at home and relieved of her day to day stressors. She loves a good hot, sweaty, loud, high energy class paired with some good beats. Her other favorite style to practice and teach is yin. She finds that yin yoga balances out the yang style power vinyasa classes. Her yin classes offer philosophy, stillness and introspect while targeting the connective tissue in longer, passive holds topped off with sound healing whether it be singing bowls or gong baths.

  • Rebekha Wolf
    Rebekha Wolf Earth Angel, Yoga Teacher, Mahalo Maui Co-Leader

    With great zest for life, passion for my work and a grateful heart, I am here following my purpose to be of service to others. I am an Intuitive Bodyworker, Earth Angel, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, and Nutritional Mentor. I love exploring exotic lands, learning about their ancient practices and immersing in the healing energies. On retreat, my goal is to create sacred space for you to melt into yourself and find unexpected gifts that make you, YOU. 

    Rebekha’s yoga classes are an all-levels gentle flow. Offering you grounding, connection and focus on proper alignment. She loves to geek out about the cosmos and how they have a hand in our daily discovery, growth and expansion of self. She enjoys embodying the magnificent animal spirit energy of her last name wolf and with a full moon ceremony on this retreat you can expect some very liberating howls at our Grandmother Moon. Rebekha channels  meditations and loves guiding heart centered sacred cacao ceremonies. Creating space to embody the magic of mother earth and ceremonial cacao a nourishing food for the Gods and Goddesses, that brings forth truth, love and clarity. Revel in the ah-has of this weeks practices, ceremonies and movement as you make the unconscious, conscious. The gift of self-care is the key to self-empowerment.

  • I love being on vacation traveling fuels my soul! The main difference for me was that when I was on the retreat, I loosen my grip. I was more relax and just let things happen.

    Retreat Guest
  • It was my first retreat. The expectation was to go travel with a very good friend and discover new things. That happened and so much more. Self discovery. New perspectives. Personal growth.

    Retreat Guest
  • After the retreat I felt a deep connection to these beautiful women I share space and time with. I feel like we have a special bond and learn from one another. They are women I look up to and every time I see them I am taken back to a special place. I also have become more aware of certain things about myself and am trying to be more consistent.

    Retreat Guest
  • My biggest take away is cool things happen when you step out of your comfort zone.

    Retreat Guest

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To us, being a community means giving back. A huge part of the Grassroots Yoga mission is to support those in the local community that need it most. 5% of our Annual Revenue will go back into the community through local charities and non-profit organizations. So, just by attending a yoga class, you can directly contribute to the cause!