Registering for Live Stream Classes

You can register for virtual classes just like you do for our in-studio classes via the Grassroots Yoga class app, MindBody app, or from the class schedule.

Pricing will function exactly as it does in our physical space.

This next part is VERY important! — Be sure to sign up at least 15 minutes before class starts. Registration for all classes will close exactly 15 minutes prior to start time, so be sure to sign up ahead of time.

We are currently waiving our no-show and late cancellation fees, but we do ask that you try your best to cancel your spot in class if you know you can’t make it, so that our instructors aren’t expecting you. Canceling class is just as easy as signing up. Log in to your GY app, MindBody app, or our website, open up the class and select cancel.

You will be able to book classes up to two weeks in advance.

Each person participating in a live stream class is required to pay, register, and check in to each class. Each attendance matters! If you wish to practice with another pre-registered student, we require that each participant sign in with an additional device, then muting or disabling the microphone and all audio in order to reduce sound reverberation (you can do this easily inside the virtual classroom once you log in to class with the link). Please leave the class up and running on the additional devices the entire class so we can get everyone checked in appropriately. Shared accounts on our virtual platform are not permitted and violation will result in immediate deactivation of those participants’ pricing options with no refunds or credits.

Preparing for Live Stream Classes

With enough room to move and a good internet connection, you’re ready to rock.

While props are always optional, you can find recommended props for each class in the class descriptions section for the live stream class you are signing up for.

If you need props, visit our virtual retail lounge or purchase directly through our partnered yoga equipment brand, Manduka, and use code “grassrootsyogafam” at checkout to share a portion of your sale with us!

We highly recommend logging in to class early to test your audio and video, so you’re ready to go when class starts. We will not always be available to assist with immediate technical issues so plan ahead for hiccups.

Please double check to make sure that the email address in your account settings is accurate and up to date. This is the email address you will be receiving each class log-in link to.

Make sure your browser is up to date. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you will need to access the class via Safari. If you are using an Android device, desktop computer, or laptop computer, use Chrome.

Checking in to Live Stream Classes

We will e-mail you a link to your virtual classroom at least 30 minutes prior to class.

If you do not receive the link 10-15 minutes before class, please check your junk/spam first, then reach out by email at hello@grassrootsyogaventura.com and we can re-send the video link. We are not accepting phone calls at this time.

Once you check in through the link provided, you might be placed in a waiting room if your instructor is still preparing for class. Just hang out and relax, they will soon open up the virtual classroom where you can then say hello to your instructor and fellow yogis!


Watching On Demand Videos

On demand videos will only be available via web browser and not available via the Grassroots Yoga app or the MindBody app. Please make sure your pop-up blocker is turned OFF on your mobile device, tablet, or computer, click the button at the bottom of this page, sign in, and start flowing!

Once your class package runs out, unpurchased video links will not be active and you will need to reload your account with a new pricing option.


All unlimited passes including the Grassroots Pass, Discounted Grassroots Pass, New Student Intro Month, and Unlimited Month Pass:

Unlimited pass users will receive unlimited access via the button below as part of your pass. Come back and access any video, any time, infinite times. Also, keep your eye out for another email from us for a members only access page that will have additional videos and features.

All Class Packages:

Each class you take via the online portal will deduct a class from your package. Once you sign in to the class, the class will be deducted from your package. You’ll notice the video link will turn red, this indicates it will be available for viewing whenever you are ready to watch again!


One Drop-In purchase will cover one video. Once you sign in to the class, the class will be deducted from your account. You’ll notice the video link will turn red, this indicates it will be available for viewing whenever you are ready to watch again!

New Student Special

We would like to welcome new students to our recently launched online platform with their first month of online classes for just $39! That’s $10 off our regular pricing of $49!

Simply use code ‘stayhome’ at checkout to apply the discount to your New Student Intro Month Pass, then start flowing with our teachers!


Q. Can I watch an on-demand video more than once? 

A. Yes! All pricing options will give you unlimited access to that video. Once you click the link, you will be able to access that video as many times as you’d like without your pricing option being affected.


Q. The link to the on-demand video is red, but nothing is happening…

A. Your pop up blocker is likely turned on. Head to your browser settings on your device to toggle your pop-up blocker OFF.


Q. None of the on-demand video links are active…

A. Make sure you are signed in to your account before you try to watch videos. Additionally, you’ll need to make sure you have a pricing option on your account BEFORE you try and watch videos. To do this, make sure you are signed in and then go to the tab “Online Store’. Select your pricing option, check out, then head back to the tab “Videos”. The links should now be active!


Q. The link to watch on-demand videos keeps taking me to the MindBody site. Is this correct? 

A. Yes! You are in the right place. Continue to log in and you will see the video links.


Q. Can I watch on-demand videos on my MindBody App or Grassroots Yoga Class App?

A. Not at this time. You may only watch online videos via web browser. If you are prompted to download the MindBody app, simply close out of the pop-up in the upper right corner to be directed to the browser version of MindBody and continue logging in.


Q. Why is the cost to access your on-demand videos and live stream so much higher than other online yoga options? 

A. The only reason we are requesting so much for the videos at this time is because we are in urgent action to keep Grassroots Yoga afloat during unexpected mandatory closure of our physical space during the COVID-19 crisis. We understand that there are thousands of other yoga options online charging significantly less, some charging nothing at all. As much as we’d love to compete with them, we have a very large ongoing overhead still due on our brick and mortar space while we navigate the emergency closures of certain businesses in our city. We are eternally grateful for your support in paying our full studio class price for these services, as every dollar is helping keep our small business alive until we can open back up and offer public classes again. Know that the pricing options you have is contributing to holding space for us until we are allowed by the City of Ventura to re-open, and also compensating the extremely hard working staff and production team who are all out of work at this time and/or filming content for you. As a way to thank our members, all auto-pay pass holders that have elected to keep their membership going without interruption or suspension, have automatically received a lifetime monthly reduction in their current pass of $10. If you would like to forgo the $10 discount, please email us at hello@grassrootsyogaventura.com. We are SO grateful for you, and everyone who is choosing our live stream and on-demand videos to support their health and wellbeing. Our commitment to you is that we will work as hard as possible to continue bringing fresh content and ideas on how to make your financial support worth it. From the bottom of our hearts, to you, thank you a million times over for your loyalty, compassion, and kindness.

Please email us with questions, comments regarding Grassroots Yoga live stream or on demand at hello@grassrootsyogaventura.com