Micro-Studio (Yoga in a Tiny House)

by Lyz Merola

There are so many things that we have all had to adjust due to the recent virus outbreak and stay-at-home orders. Our day-to-day rituals have been disrupted. I felt a sense of panic when I found out that the yoga studios and gyms were closing. I knew that it was inevitable and necessary, but I felt so paralyzed without a space to practice in. I live in a 400 square foot home with minimal strategically placed furniture. I did not have a space to do yoga. With at least 4 weeks left of a societal shut-down, I knew I had to make an effort to create a practice area.

With such a small space, I didn’t feel like I had many options for furniture arrangement. These times are unprecedented, however, so I adjusted my perspective. I needed to be able to unroll my mat at home. It took me about a week of mourning (and moping, keeping it real) before I mustered the energy to move my room around. It was a great excuse to dust corners and clear out unused items. Once I surrendered to the quarantine and temporary nature of everything, I could see the potential in my tiny home. Right now it doesn’t matter that I have to squeeze past my futon to get to my closet. I have plenty of space for sun salutations and warrior sequences.

The beauty of the internet has showed us so many creative practice spaces. Yogis practicing on their patios, meditating in closets, stretching in hallways and bathrooms. Space heaters can re-create hot yoga vibes, and a set of props at home makes yin and restorative yoga possible. (Pillows, blankets and scarves/robe ties make great makeshift props.) All of our most beloved teachers are making an effort in these times to bring us classes at home. We owe it to ourselves to keep practicing. If you haven’t already created a home practice space, I encourage you to find a corner or nook that can be distraction-free for 10 minutes to an hour each day. Sheet forts would be a great solution. Have some fun with it! After all, nothing is permanent.


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