We are so excited to welcome you back to Grassroots Yoga’s physical space!

We have made some updates and changes to help keep you safe, healthy, and at ease as we move in to a new normal for the time being. Please review the below before entering our studio.

Cleaning Protocols

  • A clean studio will continue to be our highest priority, while integrating new cleaning procedures as outlined by the CDC.

  • High traffic areas and surfaces will be disinfected regularly throughout the day.

  • The studio will be sanitized before and after each class including mopping the floors, and wiping down all high touch areas with appropriate disinfectant.

  • Shared mat cleaner and rags have been removed from the practice space. Fitness grade sanitization wipes will be provided. Please only take what you need or opt to bring your own mat cleaner.

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been added throughout the studio. Please use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering, as you move about the building, and again before you exit.

  • Last year we installed infrared heaters in our practice space. These heaters create an environment that bacteria and viruses do not thrive well in. High heat and humidity almost instantly kill pathogens. Therefor, we believe our practice space is extremely safe, it’s getting you in and out of class that we are most concerned with. We will be running the heaters a little longer than usual in our heated classes, and as we close to deep clean, to ensure ridding the space of anything harmful.


  • Class sizes have been reduced by more than 60% to accommodate spacing guidelines issued by the CDC.

  • For the time being, we are not selling drop ins or class packages for our in studio classes. Our studio is temporarily only accepting memberships at this time. If you already have a drop in or class package on your account, you will still be able to use it. Drop ins and New Student Intro Passes will only be sold for our virtual offerings. Right now, our top priority is accommodating our recurring members and we feel this is the right thing to do given our new limited capacity. As things change, we will reevaluate offering single sessions and class packages again. 

  • With such limited booking, students MUST pre-register for class. We are not accepting walk-ins at this time.

  • Our booking window for classes is still 2 weeks in advance. We highly recommend planning ahead to ensure a spot in class. If class is full, join the waitlist! In our previous experience, the waitlist moves quickly. If you do not wish to attend class any longer, please remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid being added to class and charged a no show or late cancelation fee.   

  • Because our class sizes are so severely impacted, we are temporarily suspending all member guest passes. 

  • Pre-registered spots will be held up to 10 minutes prior to class. If you are running late, give us a call prior to the 10 minute mark, and we will hold your spot. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you are not coming and your space will be forfeited to the student next on the waitlist. 

  • You must cancel class 3 HOURS prior to the start of class to avoid being charged a late cancelation fee. We will be strictly adhering to our fees so please plan ahead and manage your registration appropriately. 

  • We have discontinued our self check in system. Upon entering the studio and sanitizing your hands, please verbally sign in with the front desk.

  • Please maintain a 6′ distance from other students and staff at all times when waiting for the studio to open. We recommend waiting in your car or outside until class starts, after checking in and putting your mat down, and only remaining inside the lounge if absolutely necessary. All lounge seating has been removed. 

  • If you are at the studio waiting to see if you got in to class from the waitlist, check in with the front desk by calling us to let us know you are parked outside, and continue waiting in your car until you are notified via text. Make sure your text notifications are turned on and monitor your texts when waiting. We are not responsible for your notifications so please take a moment to make sure your account information is up to date and accurate. We will allow you approximately 3 minutes after getting in to class to to sign in with the front desk before we give your spot up to the next person on the waitlist. If you do not show up for your spot, no show fees will apply. If you get in to class but change your mind and deregister, late cancellation fees apply.


  • All Grassroots Yoga staff members will be wearing face coverings at all times. Our instructors will be wearing their face coverings with the exception of when they are confined to their mat at the front of the studio to teach class. Our instructors will NOT be moving about the practice space during class, so if you have trouble seeing or hearing, we recommend arriving extra early to get a spot close to the front. They will also be simultaneously leading live stream of the class for our students at home. Our live stream camera is positioned strategically to display the instructor only.

  • You MUST wear a face covering at all times when inside the building. However, you may take it off once you get to your mat and class begins. Please put it back on when leaving your mat for ANY reason. There is a zero tolerance policy on this and anyone that does not adhere to the guidelines will be asked to leave and your membership will be revoked. 

  • Locker rooms and showers have been closed for the time being. We are looking in to ways to reopen them safely in the future. 

  • We have removed all cubby storage. Please leave as many of your belongings in your car or at home as possible. You may keep a few small valuable items like your keys, wallet, and phone with you next to your mat. However all phones MUST BE TURNED OFF when inside the practice space.

  • The lost and found is temporarily suspended. It is more important than ever to be mindful of your belongings. Anything left behind after class will be immediately disposed of for the health and safety of our staff and guests. 

  • Mat spacing has been marked inside the studio according to distancing guidelines issued by the CDC. Please align the front of your mat with the markers provided on the floor. Once you lay your mat down, you will not be permitted to change spots.

  • We have temporarily discontinued yoga mat storage memberships. If you had a mat spot, please email or call us to arrange the pick up of your mat. Mats that are not picked up by June 30th will be disposed of out of safety for our staff and guests. 

  • While retail is still open (and expanded!), please stay 6′ from other shoppers and do your best to limit touching items that you do not intend on purchasing. All testers have been removed. 

  • As much as we love hanging out and conversing after class, we are asking at this time to clear the practice space immediately after class so we can clean everything and disinfect appropriately. Please keep the hallways clear and moving and exit the building as soon as possible. 

  • Please do your best to use the restroom before you arrive. If there is a line for our restrooms, please maintain a 6′ distance and wear your mask.

  • We are now in the practice of air hugs, virtual high fives, elbow bumps, and foot taps. We will hug the old fashioned way again in the future when things are deemed safer!

props and rentals

  • We are no longer offering single use rentals of props and mats. Towels will still be available and will be washed by our staff immediately, according to CDC approved cleaning products.

  • If you prefer to purchase your own props, check out our new fully stocked retail space. Or, purchase through our preferred brand, Manduka, directly and use the code “grassrootsyogafam” at check out to send a portion of your sale our way. Your support means the world to us!

  • If you do not wish to purchase your own props, we are offering our props at a monthly take-home rental rate of $5 per prop. We will be offering blocks, bolsters, blankets, and myofascial release balls. All of our rentable props have been deep cleaned and sanitized according to CDC guidelines. All props not returned after the discontinuation of your monthly commitment will be charged in full for it’s replacement. 

live stream & on demand

  • We will continue to add to our on demand library and do our best to film during times that do not interfere with live classes.

  • Live streaming for EVERY class has now been added to the schedule, giving you the option to take your favorite classes at home! When signing up for class, ensure you are selecting the correct class variation. Live stream classes will be designated as “virtual” and in studio classes are designated as “studio” after the class title. 

  • Live stream class links will be sent out 30 minutes prior to class. 

  • The sign up window for live stream classes closes 10 minutes before the start of class.

  • See our website for more information on our vitural offerings, inclulding troubleshooting tips.

if you feel sick, please stay home

Physical exertion is not only counterproductive when you’re sick, it’s also a major safety concern right now. To help protect the well-being of our community, please stay home if you have symptoms of any illness or have been exposed to someone with a virus. If you need to cancel class last minute due to COVID-19 concerns, we will waive your late cancelation fee.

We’ve also instructed our staff to stay home if they have even the slightest of symptoms or if they have been exposed to someone with the virus. 

We have trained our staff on how to self screen for COVID-19 symptoms before each shift and are conducting temperature checks as an added safety measure.

thank you

We understand that these new modifications to the studio can feel overwhelming and possibly frustrating. However we believe that implementing these measures is what is best for our community right now.  

Our understanding is that these guidelines are temporary, and as soon as pandemic concerns are alleviated, we plan on bringing back many, if not all, of the things you love most about Grassroots Yoga.  

Know that this is heavy and challenging on all of us, and we are doing our best. So, thank you for being patient, understanding, and most of all, THANK YOU for your continued support of our small locally owned business. We are in this together! 

With you in mind, always, 

The Grassroots Yoga Team

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”

― Pema Chodron