Dear Grassroots Yoga Family, 

Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, in order to protect the community that we love so dearly, we have collectively decided to close the doors to the studio beginning Tuesday March 17th and move to virtual classes, until it is safe to reopen.

This decision does not come lightly. Although we have tried to stay ahead of the ever-changing situation, we are finding that we simply cannot keep up any longer. Instead of taking the risk of being part of the problem, we are committing to be part of the solution.


Our hearts are broken. The best part about Grassroots Yoga is the community we have built. We look forward to seeing you each day—connecting with you, learning with you, growing with you, and of course, giving back with you. We feel that by closing temporarily, we are actually performing the greatest act of giving back we possibly could. By proactively making sacrifices for the greater good, we are in fact, living our yoga. As teachers and students, this is what we have practiced for on our mats this whole time. Grounding, patience, understanding, compassion, non-judgment, acceptance, expanded awareness, fluidity, contentment, selflessness, and so many more intentions, are all being called upon us now. Yoga teaches us that challenges are simply opportunities to enact the things we practice on our mats each day. Opportunities to heal in new ways we never tried or thought possible. Opportunities to trust that everything is happening in our favor. We need to simply let go, ride the wave and practice faith.


This decision is especially heavy on us as a small business. Sadly, in the wake of closures and quarantines, small businesses will suffer the most. Especially small businesses that are physically service-based and don’t have e-commerce as an option. We are not only concerned for the fallout Grassroots Yoga will experience, but for many, many other small businesses as well. We have friends that own small businesses in Ventura that will not recover from this and will not be able to reopen their doors due to the financial implications of an emergency closure. Please remember that the small businesses you know and love are still on the line for their monthly overhead costs. Continue to support them in any way possible. Whether it means keeping your memberships going, ordering take out, buying gift cards to use at a later time, or opting for their online delivery, every little bit counts. We are connected to many business owners in town and we are all concerned, overworked, confused, and trying to do everything in our power to come out on the other side of this. We ask that if you have the financial means to do so, join the shop small movement and show support for your favorite Ventura businesses. 


We, like you, have no idea how long this will last. The answers are few and far between. As of now, we think an indefinite closure is where to start. We came together to brainstorm options for our auto-pay members. For those that are financially impacted and need to cancel their membership outright, we entirely understand and will work to get that taken care of for you as quickly as possible. We are also offering membership suspensions until we reopen, free of charge. Please allow us at least 48 hours’ notice to get your suspension or cancellation processed. 

However, if you are not under financial duress, we ask you to consider the virtual classes that we are currently producing. By not suspending or cancelling your membership during this time, you will be supporting Grassroots Yoga through an extremely challenging, unexpected, and unprecedented situation, while providing us a way to financially support our staff and teachers that are now facing a temporary loss of income, and keep our brick and mortar space standing. As a thank you for opting to sustain and support us, anyone that forgoes suspension or cancellation will automatically get a lifetime reduced monthly rate of $10 off your current rate, starting with your next auto-pay charge. That’s $10 off every month for the remainder of your membership with us! *If you would like to decline the discount in order to continue supporting us with your full rate, simply email us at hello@grassrootsyogaventura.com and let us know. We would be profoundly grateful. 


Because we believe that yoga is especially important during times of crisis and we want to stay connected to you, starting tomorrow morning, we will be filming a series of classes with some of your favorite teachers here at Grassroots Yoga. Members that do not suspend or cancel their auto-pay agreement will be able to access these classes as often as they wish, with new and fresh videos uploaded regularly. You will expect to see almost all of your favorite class styles here ranging from Gentle Flow to Power Flow and everything in between. We are even working with a local trauma therapist that will be offering ways to cope with this trying time, along with meditations, immunity support and nutrition, and other ways to keep you healthy, grounded and connected to us, in the comfort of your own home. Please keep an eye out for an email on how to access these videos. We expect to have something rolled out in the next 48-72 hours. 


If you do not currently have a Grassroots Pass but would like to set one up to utilize our online videos during closure, and then roll right in to in-studio classes once we open back up, we are offering membership discounts. Email us at hello@grassrootsyogaventura.com and we will let you know what we have to offer and get you ready to connect to our virtual class page. If you currently have a class package or drop-in on your account, know that these never expire and will be waiting for you to use at a later time. If you are currently in your New Student Intro Month, please contact us so we can take a look at your account and find a customized solution. If you’d like, you can also purchase gift cards for future use on classes or items in the retail lounge as an additional way to support us. 


Farm Cart Organics CSA Pick Up/Delivery: As of now, we are still expecting our Farm Cart Organics CSA boxes here for pick up this week and next week. We will be here for you to swing by as usual. Or, one of our gracious teachers, April Geary, has offered to deliver your box to your home for free. Reply to this email with your name and number and she will get in touch with you. 

Mat Storage: If you are storing your yoga mat here and would like to pick it up, please call us at (805) 628-3676 before you come to make sure we are here to unlock the door for you. No need to pick it up if you don’t want to, it will be here safe and sound for when we re-open.


If I don’t know you personally, my name is Sarah and I am the founder of Grassroots Yoga. I want to take a moment to say hello, check in and offer a virtual hug. I want you to know that I care about this community with fierce passion and unwavering commitment to do what’s right for our students, teachers, staff and fellow business owners. I’ve been moved to tears multiple times this past week over the outpour of support and kind words from everyone as I do my best to navigate dark waters. So all I can say is thank you, and I’m here for you as you have been there for me. If you’d like to email me with any questions, comments, suggestions, or inquiries about anything at all, even non-studio related, I will be available to you. Thank you, and I love you. 


Sarah Ingram

Founder, Grassroots Yoga


“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”

― Pema Chodron