To us, being a community means giving back. A huge part of the Grassroots Yoga mission is to support those in the local community that need it most. Therefore, we donate 5% of our annual revenue back into the community through local non-profit organizations.



It’s simple. A total of 5% of every dollar spent at Grassroots Yoga is donated to selected charities. Whether you are a Grassroots member, just dropping in for a class, purchasing something from our retail lounge, or even just grabbing a bottle of water on your way out, you are directly contributing to the cause. We can’t wait to give back with you!

In House Non-Profit (1%)


RAKlife’s mission is to create a movement through “Random Acts of Kindness” and help the less fortunate around the world. They believe a little philanthropy goes a long way. They are dedicated to developing a global culture that incorporates random acts of kindness into daily life. Through their actions, they raise awareness for a multitude of issues around the world, contribute to their remediation, and create sustainable improvements where possible.

Upon the formation of Grassroots Yoga, it was decided that longtime supporter, partner and friend RAKlife would be our in-house local non-profit organization. Of the total 5% donated, 1%  goes to RAKlife as our in-house non-profit. We love what they do and are honored to work with them on a continuing basis!

Guest Non-Profit (4%)


Every six months, a new guest non-profit organization will be elected to receive the remaining 4% of our annual revenue. With the grand opening of Grassroots Yoga, we are welcoming RAKlife as our full recipient to kick off our GY Gives Back program.

Learn more about RAKlife here 

Find RAKlife on FaceBook  or on Instagram as @livetheraklife

Do you have a favorite local non-profit that you feel would be a good fit for the GY Gives Back program? Let us know by emailing Sarah Ingram at